Sola Foods

Made In a Home Cottage Kitchen!



We are a gourmet company that specializes in fantastic sweet and spicy salsas, jams, spreads and relishes. 100% natural. 100% sure to win your heart...What do you like... Sweet or Spicy?  

Sola's Salsas, Relishes, and Jams are all handmade with a gourmet flavor. Using only the best ingredients available, we take our time to create for you a unique and tantalizing experience. All of our products are made the old fashion way... with natural ingredients and lots of love. So sit back and enjoy Sola, the Company with Heart and Sol. 

We have tantalizing Sweets, as exemplified by our Irresistible Strawberry, and we have our savory Spices, as illustrated by our World Famous "Cheeky Kiwi." All products are created and mastered by our Chef and Founder, Armita Fazeli.