Sola Foods

Made In a Home Cottage Kitchen!


Sola, a story of a girl who fell in love with fine food. From humble beginnings in the kitchen at the feet of her mom to this variety of homemade fine foods, Sola is sure to win over your heart.

Sola has a variety of homemade fine foods including chutney, jam, pesto and other accompaniments, with other new and exciting products added all the time. You’ll find ones with romantic names like Cheeky Jalapeño Kiwi and Irresistible Strawberry. Each batch is made in the classic style, each product has its own unique flavor and perfume.

Our products are made in much the same way, inspired by the amazing fruits from our fellow Farmers Market vendors. We make them in very small batches, with only exquisite fruits, cane sugar, and never with pectin. We use fabulous Meyer lemons and simply rely on the fruit's natural pectin to do the work. That means each 9 oz jar contains approximately one pound of fruit..

Every jar of product is given the love and care that they deserve.